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After graduating with a BA in English and political science from Bucknell University, I went on to earn a master’s degree and PhD in English literature from the University of Virginia. Instead of going into teaching, I decided to enter the publishing industry, starting out as a production assistant at Johns Hopkins University Press. After a number of years as an acquisitions editor at the University of Nebraska Press and then Random House’s Modern Library, I discovered my true passion was not acquiring books but line editing them, and so I started a freelance copyediting business and have been happily editing away ever since. In my downtime, you are most likely to find me costuming shows. I had come to sewing as an adult, and while I enjoyed making clothes, after my daughter started doing theater in the late 2000s, I found out that I adored coming up with a vision for a show and making that vision come to life through costumes. I started out costuming for my daughter’s performance academy and now costume for many area theater groups.

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